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negotiation and reorganization

Acting in line with each sector of the economy, we provide comprehensive advice on topics such as negotiation of shareholders' agreements, corporate reorganization, preparation of the most varied corporate instruments, in addition to support and participation in advisory and board of Directors


Analyse, review and elaborate

Special focus area offered by the firm, always in accordance with our values and mission. In this sense, we strive for best practices, always in the defense of our client's interests, assisting in the decision-making process, in the face of existing challenges and in the search for the construction of the best alternative to enable the operation intended by the client


Expert advice, adaptation to new platforms

and regulations

 We have professionals with knowledge in programming, allowing a more agile and always assertive service in providing specialized advice in the elaboration of the various contractual instruments, terms of use and privacy policies, in addition to the adaptation of new platforms to the regulations



Understanding, elaboration, adequacy and financing

Given our constant updating and monitoring of the most varied sectors, our office proposes to assist Startups, assisting them, from the understanding of the existing regulations to the elaboration of the applicable corporate and contractual instruments, appropriate to the reality of Startups, including fundraising, from seed investments to private equity operations

Data Privacy

Specialized team, consultancy, LGPD suitability, training

and management

We have a team specialized in privacy and IT, allowing the provision of consultancy in matters related to data protection and data security, including services to adapt to the Brazilian Data Privacy Law (LGPD) and other international standards, in addition to conducting training and managing incidents of data breach.


Negotiation, advise and drafting

With knowledge about the most varied industries, we assist in drafting and reviewing business contracts, taking into account the peculiarities of each sector, always seeking the best interest of customers with the use of the best technique and practice in order to make legally secure businesses feasible.


Real Estate


and implantation, elaboration, negotiation and revision

We assist our clients in the development and implementation of real estate projects, in addition to the preparation, negotiation and review of instruments for the acquisition, financing, construction, leasing, leasing and built-to-suit operations


Digital Assets, Fintechs, ICO and Advise

Our team is internationally recognized for its extensive experience in legal advice to businesses involving Blockchain / DLT technology, advising clients from regulatory follow-up in Brazil and abroad, to participation in boards and management committees, in the most varied projects involving the tokenization of assets , with wide participation in regulatory debates with the Legislative and other regulators


High impact Litigation

Our litigation team has extensive experience and the ability to simplify even the most complex cases, acting within the best practices and ethics in the search for the best result for our clients, acting in high impact litigation, involving commercial contracts, M&A operations, technology, property intellectual, among others

Wealth Preservation

Planning and Advise

Advice for optimization and better equity efficiency, aiming at the introduction of governance rules for asset protection with succession purpose, in addition to care for

Bring greater tax and organizational efficiency.